1. Once the snow has melted, clear away leaves, twigs and any debris that has accumulated over the winter. Keep tender plants such as roses covered until mid-April.
  2. Remove last years' spent foliage growth from perennials and cut your ornamental grasses back to 4-6 inches from the ground.
  3. Fertilize trees and shrubs, especially if they did not get fed last Fall. This will give the root systems valuable nutrients for that Spring growth. Use HOLLY TONE on acid loving shrubs like Holly, Azalea, Rhododendron, Hydrangea and Dogwood. (We have a great sale on Holly Tone 40 lb. bags, see our Specials tab) Use TREE TONE on most other trees.
  4. Prune summer flowering shrubs before new growth begins. Wait to prune spring flowering until after they have bloomed.
  5. Apply Dormant Oil spray on fruit and shade trees to prevent insect infestation. Temperatures must be above freezing for several days before applying.

  6. Apply BULB TONE or BONE MEAL to emerging Spring bulb growth (tulips, daffodils, crocus) to bring on more beautiful blooms.

  7. Begin to use deer repellents to train deer away from your flower beds. Our customers recommend LIQUID FENCE spray and/or DEER SCRAM granular. Remember when using sprays to spray often as bulbs grow fast and the new growth must be treated. TULIPS ARE DEER CANDY
  8. Begin your 4 Phase Lawn Program by applying BONIDE PHASE 1 CRABGRASS PREVENTER. This is an important step to prevent crabgrass germination in your lawn. If you plan on reseeding or planting new grass, use the Seed Starting weed control from Bonide.

  9. Apply Mushroom Manure Compost on all of your perennial and garden beds in a 2-3 inch layer. This will add needed nutrients to the soil and provide moisture retention as well as weed control. This is easiest to do now before the perennials emerge. Apply PLANT TONE around your perennials at the same time to give a boost to the new growth as it emerges.
  10. Apply mulch around any perennials that are showing signs of frost heave to protect the root system until next month when you can replant them.
  11. Think about testing the soil in your garden, lawn and flower beds to determine which nutrients need to be replaced next month.
  12. Perform tool maintenance. Take inventory of gloves, hand tools, containers and fertilizers and restock now to be prepared.
  13. Start planning your gardens, make rough sketches of what you want to see this year. Bring pictures and drawings to us for advice or questions now. Plan your work, then work your plan !
  14. Start indoor seeds NOW. We have everything you need to start a great vegetable garden and Perennials started from seed now will take off in your garden in May. See our Seed Starting tab for more information.
  15. Feed your houseplants with Bonide Liquid Plant Food and repot them if necessary. Make new plants by taking cuttings from your existing plants and rooting them. Use BONIDE ROOTING POWDER for the best results. Stop into the store for instructions.

  16. The grubs will be awakening from winter now through May. They will begin feeding on grass roots and destroying your lawn. Use BONIDE GRUB BEATER soon, one application is all it takes to control grubs all season long.

  17. Apply Preen weed preventer to flower, landscape and garden beds to prevent weeds all season long.