1. We know you are anxious to plant gorgeous annuals and great vegetable gardens. It is still too early to safely do this ! Remember, SAFE on Mothers' Day, SAFEST on Memorial Day !
  2. Decorate your front entrance with a Spring wreath, new colorful doormat and Spring Flag !
  3. Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and Pansies NOW ! You can also plant those potted Easter Flower bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths etc…) after enjoying them in your home for the holiday.
  4. Begin planting cool-season vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, beets, cabbage-kale, onions, potatoes and radishes.
  5. Add organic mushroom manure compost to your flower and vegetable beds, mix with existing soil to add much needed nutrients. Get ready for those heavy feeding tomatoes and peppers by working Garden Tone fertilizer into your vegetable gardens with mushroom manure compost.
  6. Clean out last years' containers and rejuvenate the soil by adding Bumper Crop soil so you are ready to plant next month.
  7. If you planted garlic last Fall, keep the flowers pinched off. This will direct all the plants' energy towards growing larger bulbs. Garlic is ready to harvest as soon as the foliage turns brown and falls over.
  8. DO NOT cut off daffodil foliage ! You can remove the spent blooms, leaving the foliage in place to recharge the bulbs. Apply Bulb Tone or Bone Meal around all Spring blooming bulbs for more blooms next year.
  9. Replant any frost-heaved perennials, divide and transplant any crowded perennials such as Hosta, Iris, Daylily and groundcovers.
  10. Sprinkle Plant Tone around all perennial beds, apply mushroom manure compost and then mulch.
  11. 11. Remember to use Preen before mulching to prevent new weeds from sprouting.
  12. Get rid of existing weeds by pulling out by root or spraying with Kleenup. It is especially important to keep up with the weeds now so you are not overwhelmed later on.
  13. Cut back last years' dead foliage on all perennials and clean up any leaves around them so that they can rise up with no obstruction. If you haven't already, cut off ornamental grasses.
  14. If you haven't applied Crabgrass Preventer to your lawn, do it now so that you can apply Weed & Feed at the end of the month.
  15. If you did apply Crabgrass Preventer last month you can start reseeding bare patches or top dress your lawn. See our Lawn Care page for more information.
  16. FERTILIZE! Now is the time to feed all of your trees, shrubs, perennials and roses as they awaken and are hungry.
  17. Address any signs of insects as soon as you spot them. Due to the early warm weather, insects are much more prevalent this year ! Set up a Stink Bug Trap!
  18. Start more seeds indoors so that you have nice sized seedlings to transplant into the garden next month.
  19. Clean out water features and ponds. Scrub out the birdfeeders also.
  20. Trim hedges and prune evergreens. Don't prune Spring flowering trees and shrubs until they are finished blooming.
  21. Keep up with applying Deer Repellants to protect your plant investments!
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  23. Review March's Gardening Tips below to complete anything you did not have time for !