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These items are available in BULK amounts which can be picked up in an OPEN TOPPED VEHICLE or conveniently DELIVERED to your home. All soils, composts and mulches are also available in bagged amounts. We also have a wide variety of stone and marble chips available in bags.

To figure how much material you require, multiply the length X the width of the area; this gives you the square footage. The amount needed will vary upon the depth. USE THE BULK MATERIALS CALCULATOR BELOW for quick and easy calculation.


 BULK MATERIAL - Mulch Calculator

How much mulch or amendment do you need?
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You will need:
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cubic yards or
pickup truck loads (midsize)

  1. Does hardwood bark mulch attract termites ? This is probably our number one question. The answer is, NO. Termites are subterranean. They are only attracted to wood that is below the earth's surface. Since mulch is used above ground it does not attract them. Also, our "bark" mulches are made from the bark of the tree only and not the white wood that termites like to dine on.
  2. Does hardwood bark mulch draw bugs ? Any organic material has the capability of drawing insects or bugs. This is not bad though, because it is a part of the natural scheme of things. The mulch will not attract any more bugs or insects than would normally already be there.
  3. Is our mulch chemically treated ? No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals. The materials used to produce the mulch are all organic. In very dry weather, we recommend that when you water your plants also water down the mulch. This will reduce the chance of a fire hazard, prevent it from blowing away and also helps to hold moisture in for your plants.
  4. What is the difference between hardwood bark mulch and dyed brown/black mulch ? Hardwood bark mulch is made from the bark that comes off of hardwood trees when they are taken to the sawmill. Our mulch is almost all bark. Our dyed brown and black mulches are color enhanced hardwood bark. They are of the same high quality material as the natural hardwood bark, but color enhanced for a complete, uniform color. Our dyed products are NOT made from scrap wood, ground up waste wood or pallets (as a lot of other businesses' stock). All of our hardwood bark products are better for your landscape beds and plants.
  5. How often should you mulch ? New landscape beds should have at least a three inch layer of mulch to prevent weed growth and retain moisture. A one to two inch layer can be added yearly to keep the fresh color. Bark will break down naturally to add nutrients to the soil. Never apply too much mulch, as this will prevent moisture from seeping down into the soil and overwhelm any plants that become partially buried.
  6. What is the strange "growth" on your mulch ? When it gets very hot and humid, a fungus sometimes grows on top of the mulch. It looks yellowish-brown and can be unpleasant to look at. It is sometimes called "dog vomit fungus". It can easily be removed by spraying with a hose or light raking. It is not harmful to people, pets or plants but is a natural occurrence.


We stock QUALITY Firewood which is a locally processed mix of Pennsylvania hardwoods that is clean, well seasoned and uniform in size.  IT IS NOT from the counties affected by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The wood is cut and split to an average length of 16-18 inches.  It is kept covered and dry and is available all year round.  

Firewood is available for PICK UP OR DELIVERY in several different quantities.    We deliver and dump only.  Stacking the wood can be requested for an additional charge.  Call for details and pricing.

Delivered and Dumped  available in the following quantities:

4’ x 8’ Stack ( 48 cubic feet or 12/32 of a cord)

4’ x 12’ Stack  ( 72 cubic feet or 9/16 of a cord)

4’ x 16’ Stack  ( 96 cubic feet or ¾ of a cord )

Pick It Up Yourself and SAVE $$$$$ in the following quantities:

Bundles of .75 cubic feet  (Perfect for chimineas  and firepits)

1’ x 4’ Stack (Fits comfortably in most car trunks) 

4’ X 4’ Stack and 4’ x 8’ Stack fits into a van, SUV or pick up truck




We stock quality Morton rock salt in 50 lb. and 80 lb. bags.

We also stock Pedalow Calcium Chloride in 50 lb. bags.
This is safer for concrete sidewalks and driveways.
Call ahead for Winter Hours please 412-221-3070


Jim Jenkins Lawn & Garden Center also provides snow removal services for commercial properties only. We are a proud member of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). We pre-wet our bulk rock salt with liquid calcium chloride for maximum efficiency.

We participate in the SNOWCARE FOR TROOPS program.

Please call for details on this program
Snow Removal Trucks


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